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What we did

• Naming
​• Brand Identity
• Character
• CGI Illustrations

• Money Box
• Digital
• Packaging

Darlington Building Society briefed us with the challenge of increasing the number of children’s savings accounts and to achieve this we wanted to design something impactful that resonated with the kids.

We created and pitched the complete brand identity and concept of Darly, from the name and character to the collectors money box. The idea was born from the deep heritage and love of railways embedded in Darlingtons history and culture. (Fun fact: The first steam locomotive, The Rocket, to carry passengers on a public rail line was built in Darlington by Robert Stephenson and Company in 1825.)

Darly the train began as a children’s money box that is exclusively available to joining members only. We extended the model with an additional three carriages for copper, silver and gold coins as an incentive that can only be earnt by continually saving more money.

To date, there have been over 400 new children’s saving accounts opened since Darly’s launch.
Darly-Train Wireframe first Darly-Train Wireframe second
Darly-Carriages Wireframe first Darly-Carriages Wireframe second

Keep the ideas coming!

"We are really delighted with the progress we are making with Darly and your support with this is fantastic. Even better, it feels as if we are all enjoying it and everyone is warming to our little character. Keep the ideas coming!"
Colin Fyfe - CEO
Darly Money Train Set
Darly-Front Render
Darly Darlington Station
Darly-Get on Board

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