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Beyond Escapes has elegantly transformed from what began as a £60-million-pound investment start-up business with no name or identity. Designed with the intention to rival luxury getaway destinations across the UK, we created the name, concept and complete brand.

Ranging from mansion suites to lodges, the stunning collection of accommodation homes and national sites are all located in outstanding natural beauty. The perfect getaway scene with euphoric surroundings, chic décor and luxury amenities such as a gourmet restaurant, revitalising gym, spa and private bubbling hot tubs.

Hidden within the fabric of Beyond Escapes is a collection of hidden design treasures that all capture the essence of the brand. A heart or leaf icon illustrated in the interior of the letter ‘Y’ is left for the consumer to interpret in a way that resonates with them on a natural and emotional level.

Beyond Expectations

"Evolving a brand proposition on paper, into an impactful and exciting creative expression is no easy task, but Shift took the challenge and created a wonderfully different approach - the result is a stunning branding platform for Beyond Escapes. Consistently proactive and strategic, Shift always work in true collaboration with us as well as our other agency partners. Adam and the team continue to be a critical part of our brand and marketing achievements."
Sarah Hanson - Marketing Director
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